Nissan Juke, "ENIGMA" setting ... pursuing style and connectivity

Nissan Motor's European category announced on January 5 that "ENIGMA" will be set in Nissan Juke in pursuit of style and connectivity.

Wheels and roofs are designed for dedicated

ENIGMA has adopted a dedicated design for wheels and roofs to enhance its presence.The deep black 19 -inch aluminum wheel emphasizes a sporty stance.A dedicated complex graphic pattern is attached to the coupe style roof line and door mirror.

The c pillar is an eye -catching eniGMA signature graphic.It can be complemented by the combination of three two -tone paint.Gangley, pearl white, black roof, etc. can be selected as style options.

Incorporate full LED technology into the round LED headlamp.The front has a Y -shaped design along with Nissan's V -Motion Grill.

日産 ジューク、「ENIGMA」設定…スタイル性とコネクティビティを追求

Nissan cars for Europe are the first to be Amazon Alexa

ENIGMA is the first Nissan car to Europe to have an Amazon voice recognition assist, "Alexa", to enhance infotainment experience in the car.

A part of the vehicle function can be remotely controlled from smartphones and Alexa -compatible devices.The user can only ask Alexa to see the lock/unlocking of the vehicle door, the remaining fuel, etc.

Users enable "Nissanskill" in Alexa's app and linked to the "NissanConnect Services" account, connecting juke to Alexa Device at home, monitoring vehicles, and controlling vehicle functions remotely.It will be possible.

Furthermore, if you use Alexa and "TomTomtraffic" to send an address to "NissanConnectnavigation", check the light, identify the parking location of the vehicle, and check the door lock state of the vehicle away from the vehicle.You can now lock and unlock vehicles with smartphones.Before driving, the driver can also check the tire pressure and the remaining oil level.

Cooperation with Google Assistant

The latest "Nissanconnect" infotainment system allows the smartphone app to be displayed on a 8 -inch touch screen display using Apple's "CarPlay" or Google's "Android Auto".It is also possible to connect to a computer or tablet device by accessing "TOMTOM MAPS & LIVE TRAFFIC" or using an in -car wifi.Wireless updates are also performed.

Also cooperate with "Google Assistant".By talking to a smart device, you can control functions such as sending your destination to the navigation system of the car.

1 of down size.0 liter turbo is maximum output 117ps

For the powertrain, the down size direct injection 1.Equipped with a 0-liter in-line 3-cylinder "DIG-T" gasoline turbo engine.The maximum output is 117ps.The transmission combines a 6 -speed MT or a 7 -speed dual clutch with a paddle shift.In vehicles with 7 -speed dual clutches, three types of drive mode, eco, standard, and sports can be switched.

Use a high -strength steel to adopt a new platform with increased rigidity.According to Nissan, it realizes better driving stability, cornering performance, new levels of reliability and control performance.