How to make an elderly driver who is suspicious of driving decide to "return his license" on New Year's Day "No reasoning, politely eliminate anxiety"

"Communication" leading up to the return of the license is the most important thing (Image. Getty Images)

正月に考えたい 運転が怪しい高齢ドライバーに「免許返納」決断させる方法「理詰めはNG、丁寧に不安の解消を」

As represented by the Ikebukuro runaway accident that occurred in 2019, there have been a series of fatal and injured accidents by elderly drivers. Many of you may have been worried about the continued driving of older families after seeing the news. Many people will meet with their elderly parents on New Year's Day and recommend that they return their license. However, when the family is reasonably urged to return the license, the result may be that the other party repels. He points out, "Your dear parents can make you" decide "! Mr. Kazunori Shidoji, a professor at the Graduate School of Kyushu University and a vice chairman of the Japan Society for Traffic Psychology, who is the supervisor of "License Return Therapy" (Kodansha).

"Preparation is important for returning a license. If you let go of your license, you will inconvenience your life. Instead of simply saying,'Return your license because it is dangerous,' show an attitude of helping your life afterwards. It is important. "(Professor Shidoji, same below) One of the problems that arises when returning a driver's license is shopping. The best way to eliminate that inconvenience is to recommend online delivery. Of course, even if you just say "use online delivery", you may not be able to use it. You can rest assured if you carefully teach how to use it and support yourself by taking over the ordering operation. "You should use public transportation such as buses and trains and taxis," is a standard line when recommending a driver's license return. However, "what should I do with that financial burden?" Is the true intention of the person who was advised to return it. However, car maintenance costs such as vehicle inspection fees, gasoline fees, and insurance premiums are surprisingly high. If you calculate it carefully, the maintenance cost will probably be zero, so there are many cases where it does not change even if you use it for bus and taxi. "If you still get in the red, suggesting a fill-in-the-blank will make the other person feel better. Also, there are surprisingly many elderly people who haven't used a bus or train for a long time and are worried about how to ride. Let's ride together several times and check how to use it. ”In recent years, administrative support for elderly people who have returned their licenses has increased. In addition to discounts on buses and taxis, services such as higher interest rates on bank deposits and lower hotel usage fees and supermarket shipping fees are increasing. A thorough examination of services in such areas will help eliminate financial concerns caused by returning a driver's license.

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