[New Toyota Voxy (90 series)] Amplifies the characteristics of the aero body! A design that further enhances the power of the front mask! #Works direct custom deep layer 001

Modellista style up to fully enjoy the mystery of design!

Modellista familiar as Toyota's works-like custom brand. Here are some of the hottest cars on display at the Tokyo Auto Salon 2022.

Taking full advantage of the merits of the direct line of the manufacturer, Toyota cars, Lexus cars, and some Daihatsu cars are also handled to fully bring out the characteristics of the base car. Of course, the design and the fittings you care about are also outstanding. Also, it is a great relief that you can purchase and install it at the dealer and receive the manufacturer's warranty.

【新型トヨタ・ヴォクシー(90系)】エアロボディの持ち味を増幅! フロントマスクの迫力をさらに引き立てるデザイン! #ワークス直系カスタムの深層 001

Of course, the new Voxy also has modellista parts, which will be released at the same time as the vehicle itself is released. It was exhibited at this year's Auto Salon and became a hot topic, so I think some people may have seen the actual car.

Modellista sings "Resonating Emotion" in its design philosophy. Resonating means "sounding", and the base car and parts resonate to improve the degree of perfection. Emotion is It means that the design is full of vitality.

As for the new Voxy, I'm very interested in how to finish it with a normal but sharp and challenging style. If you check the actual car, the modellista's style is further improved without spoiling the beauty of the base car.

After all, the highlight is the front face. A plated garnish is attached to the upper part of the huge lower grill, and a front spoiler is attached to the lower part. Further above, a shining signature illumination grill is placed, giving it a bold and delicate finish. The same is true for the sides and rear, and the presence is sufficient.

Modellista Voxy shines uniquely beyond the level of the manufacturer.

1 Front spoiler 64,900 yen (70,400 yen) 2 Side skirt 78,100 yen (90,200 yen) 3 Rear skirt 53,900 yen (59,400 yen) ● MODELLISTA Aero Parts Set A (1 + 2 + 3) 196,900 yen (220,000 yen) 4 Signature Illumination Grill 77,000 yen 5 Illumina Roofs Boiler 81,400 yen (93,500 yen) ● MODELLISTA Aero Parts Set B (1 + 2 + 3 + 4 + 5) 350,000 5300 yen (390,500 yen) 6 Front lower grill garnish 24,200 yen 7 Side door garnish 38,500 yen 8 Mirror garnish 17,600 yen 9 Bag door garnish 30,800 yen ● Cool Shine Kit (6 + 7 + 8 +) 9) 111,100 yen 10 Door handle protector (black / silver) 6600 yen (for one unit) 11 Security number plate bolt 6050 yen 12 Security lock nut set 35,200 yen ● MODELLISTA utility set (10 + 11 + 12) 47,850 yen ● Metal garnish kit 33,000 yen ● LED smart foot light 24,200 yen ● Luggage LED 27,500 yen ● Side welcome illumination 35,200 yen ● Speaker set 46,200 yen ● Sunshade 18,700 yen ● IR cut film (smoke / dark smoke) 27,500 yen ● Smart cushion tote 9900 yen ● Air sleep mat 22,000 yen ● 18-inch aluminum wheel & tire set 264,000 yen (for one unit) Wheel / MODELLISTA WingDancerXVII (18) × 7.0J + 40) Tire / TOYO TIRES TRANPATH mp7 (215 / 45R18) * () is the painted price