Customized items for the new "Toyota Noah / Voxy" appear from Modellista [Tokyo Auto Salon 2022] [News]

New "Toyota Noah" equipped with Modellista customized parts.

Toyota Customizing & Development January 14, 2022, Makuhari, Chiba At the "Tokyo Auto Salon 2022" held at Messe (held until January 16), the new "Toyota Noah / Voxy" equipped with customized parts from Modellista, the company's customized brand, was unveiled for the first time.

Customized Modellista model based on "Voxy". The exhibited car was equipped with "Modellista Aero Parts Set", "Cool Shine Kit", "18 Inch Aluminum Wheel & Tire Set Modellista WingDancer X VII", etc.
Rear view of Voxy with Modellista customization items. The side door garnish and back door garnish are items included in the "Cool Shine Kit".
"Voxy" with LED decoration that extends horizontally Signature illumination grill for. The plating decoration applied in the blackout expresses a powerful front face.
"Modellista" featuring a sharp design with a fish hook motif WingDancer X VII" wheels are available in 18-inch size only.
Illumi roof spoiler with blue LEDs for 2022 It will be released in April.

At the press conference, Modellista's new Noah/Voxy unveiling and talk session carried out. Actor Akiyoshi Nakao was invited as a guest, and along with Modellista's designers, he explained the design philosophy of "Resonating Emotion".

New Toyota Noah/Voxy

Customized items for the new Noah are developed with the design concept of "Brand new Elegance". By applying a wide plating decoration, it is said that it produced a unique expression that feels elegance in fearlessness. On the other hand, it has been announced that the customized items of the new Voxy are based on the design concept of "Sharp x VALOUR", and by applying various molding plating decorations, it expresses a low center of gravity, a strong stance and a sense of quality.

The "Modellista Aero Parts Set" includes a front spoiler, side skirts, rear skirts, a "signature illumination grille" featuring LED decoration that extends horizontally (front grill kit + signature illumination blade for Noah), illumination roof spoiler, etc. In addition to the set, a 3-piece set of only the front spoiler, side skirts, and rear skirt is also available. Side skirts and rear skirts are common items for both models, but other items are designed for each model.

Also set up "Cool Shine Kit" consisting of 4 plated garnishes. This is a decorative parts kit that gives a gorgeous impression and enhances the sense of luxury, and is recommended for users who want to enjoy customization easily, or who want to enjoy customization by adding it to the "Aero Parts Set". Compatible with all grades except for some items.

For the suspension, the latest model in the WingDancer series, the 18-inch aluminum wheel and tire set Modellista WingDancer X VII, and the new modelista wheel series, the 16-inch aluminum wheel set Modellista TRINITAS, are available. .

In addition, the "Modellista Utility Set" includes 3 items: "Security Lock Nut Set Lock Nut Set", "Security Lock Nut Set", "Security License Plate Bolt" and "Door Handle Protector (Black/Silver)", which are useful for crime prevention and scratch prevention. A set that supports the user's car life in terms of safety and security has been added to the lineup.

(Text = Masayuki Yatsu / Photo = webCG)

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