[Toyota Noah / Voxy new model] Modellista releases various customized parts ... Actual vehicle exhibited at Tokyo Auto Salon

Toyota Customizing & Development has lined up customized parts of the Modellista brand with the launch of the new "Noah" and "Voxy", and started selling from January 13th.

With the design concept of "Brand new Elegance" in the new Noah, wide-stretched plating decoration is applied to create a unique expression that feels elegance in the fearlessness. The "MODELLISTA aero parts set" is an advanced "front grill kit" that emphasizes the sparkle of plated decoration by applying delicate detail processing to each part, such as "front spoiler", "side skirt" and "rear skirt". A 6-piece set of "Signature Illumina Blade" that creates a premium look, "Illumino Roof Spoiler" that gives a presence to the rear view with a combination of relaxed modeling and LED, and "Front Spoiler", "Side Skirt" and "Rear Skirt" Prepare a 3-piece set of only.

【トヨタ ノア/ヴォクシー 新型】モデリスタ、各種カスタマイズパーツ発売…東京オートサロンで実車展示

The new Voxy has a design concept of "Sharp x VALOUR" and is decorated with various shapes of plating to give it a low center of gravity and a strong presence and a high-quality feel. The "MODEL LISTA Aero Parts Set" consists of five items: "Front Spoiler", "Side Skirt", "Rear Skirt", "Signature Illumination Grill" featuring LED decoration that extends horizontally, and "Illumination Roof Spoiler" that can be attached to Noah. We will also prepare a set and a 3-piece set consisting of only the "front spoiler", "side skirt" and "rear skirt".

In addition, a "cool shine kit" will be set for each of Noah and Voxy. It consists of a total of 4 plated garnishes, including a front lower grill, side doors, mirrors, and back doors. Not only does the glittering chrome shine from the front to the side and the rear give a sense of luxury, but you can also feel free to enjoy a different look from the aero parts.

In the wheel lineup, the latest Wing Dancer series "18-inch aluminum wheels & tire set MODELLISTA Wing Dancer X VII" and the new modellista wheel series "16-inch aluminum wheel set TRINITAS" are available. "TRINITAS" is the Latin word for "trinity," meaning "three things are essentially one." The modellista design also consists of three key elements, "SENSITIVITI", "CREATIVE", and "PLEASURE", and these elements are "trinity" to create the modellista-ness. Therefore, this name was given.

In addition, the "Security Locknut Set", "License Plate Bolt with Security", and "Door Handle Protector (Black / Silver)" are set as the "MODELLISTA Utility Set" to help prevent crime and scratches, ensuring a safe car life. We have prepared a set that also supports safety.

The new Noah Voxy Modellista will be exhibited at the Modellista booth at "Tokyo Auto Salon 2022" to be held at Makuhari Messe from January 14th to 16th.