On December 1st (Wednesday), 2 (Thursday), a award ceremony for BabyTech® AWARD JAPAN 2021 will be held with Diamond ✡ Yukai as a guest at the Childcare Expo 2021

There is no need to register in advance, but please let us know the award ceremony and talk event to the BTAJ2021 secretariat in order to grasp the visit media in advance. increase. In addition, since it will be announced on a "first -come, first -served basis", there is a possibility that you will not be able to enter the interview area even if you let us know. note that. ■ Wednesday, December 1, 2021 [Grand prize award ceremony / winner presentation schedule] Venue: Tokyo Metropolitan Industrial Trade Center Hamamatsuchikan 4F "Childcare Expo 2021 Seminar Space Time: 12: 00-13: 00) 11:30)

12:04 Award -winning products (3 minutes each)

Opening, awarded product introduction

< P>… BTAJ2021 Judge Chairperson Co., Ltd. Papas Mile Representative Tetsuya Nagata

Greetings greetings, Akachan Honpo Award Introduction

: President and CEO of Baby Honpo Co., Ltd. Certificate, awarded a trophy

12:55 Photo session -close
■ December 2, 2021 (Thursday) [Talk event progress] venue : Tokyo Metropolitan Industrial Trade Center Hamamatsuchikan 4F No. 3 Conference Room: 13: 00-14: 00 (12:30 in admission) /tr>
13:00 < /td> Opening greeting, BabyTech Introduction
13:10 Yukai -san x BabyTech AWARD JAPAN Judgment Chairman Tetsuya Nagata "What is Baby Tech?! "From the future"
Photo session
14:00 End
* In the coverage area Because the space is limited, it will be guided on a "first -come, first -served basis". * There is no coverage of talk events. ■ 2021 (Wednesday), 2 (Thursday) [ [ Special Award/Special Award Winning Product Exhibition]

Last year's award -winning product exhibition Award-winning products will be displayed at 2F E-9 in the Childcare Expo 2021 venue, BABYTECH® AWARD JAPAN 2021 booth. You can actually touch the excellent baby tech products. Exhibitions by sponsoring companies are also held in the booth.

12月1日( Wednesday) On Thursday, 2nd (Thursday), a award ceremony for BABYTECH® AWARD JAPAN 2021, a talk event with Diamond ✡ Yukai will be held with Diamond JAPAN 2021

Abytech ( baby tech ) It is a general term for IoT (Internet of Things) and ICT (information and communication technology), which supports child care from pregnancy to preschoolers. In 2016, it was advocated by CES, a trade fair in the United States, and various products and services are being developed in Japan. [ Childcare Expo 20 2 1 A business negotiation trade fair for educational business service. Childcare workers, gardens, and purchasers can get hints for considering, business negotiations, and management of new products and services. Many companies are exhibiting, and many talk shows and seminars are planned. [ Talk Event Guest] ■ Diamond ✡ Yukai Musician

Diamond ✡ Yukai -san

Date of Birth: 1962/3/12 Blood type: B type Hobbies: Back history, gardening, sweets, coffee, health geeks (anything that is said to be good for the body is a try) The goal is to live long until the children grow up! ! In 1986, made a major debut as a vocal of the legendary rock band "Red Warriors". After dissolving in 1989 activities during the popularity of 1989, he started solo activities as "Diamond ✡ Yukai". A wide range of activities, such as appearing on stage, movies and variety programs, mainly in music activities. In the movie "Toy Story", he is in charge of the Japanese version of the theme song "Kimiha Friends". In his private life, he is 47 years old. [ B ab> ® Award Japan > 20 2 1 Outline] The following is a product for fetus, lateral mothers, newborns, infants, infants (preschoolers), infants 'parents and relatives, mothers' partners and relatives, childcare workers, and facility operators. A, b, c corresponding.

screening was classified into eight departments. One of the 38 products that passed the primary screening in September 2021 will be selected for each division of each category. The second screening was held online all online as a measure against the new colon virus infection.
1. Breastfeeding and meals Smart breasts, smart baby bottles, nursing room search, nursing/meal records, menu creation, allergic countermeasures, baby food subscriptions, smart tone milk, FoodTech, etc. Things related to breastfeeding and diet
2. Learning and play Robot (including development support) robots, programming learning, learning systems, educational applications, learning toy, smart stuffed animals, etc.
3. Safety measures and watching SIDS measures, dangerous surveillance systems, children's location information, insurance, sitter dispatch, and daycare matching, etc. Those that provide and places
4. Pregnancy and pregnancy Smart basal body thermometer, periodic records, home sound wave scanners, smart mother and child notebooks, fetal information apps, pregnancy support, femtech, etc. 5. Things related to the mother, partner, and environment
5. Health management Smart body thermometer, smart consultation ticket, medical record application, electronic medical record for pediatric pediatric dentistry, hydration, excretion management, pediatrician dispatch, sick child care, child room air temperature humidity monitoring control control control control control. 6. For the purpose of child's health management, such as HealthTech and Sleeptech
6. Commemorative and record Devices to shoot and record children and families, child growth records, family photos and video sharing, album creation, family photo photographer dispatch, children's works, video creation, commemorative features Creation, personalized picture book creation, etc., commemorating the growth and achievements of children and families, things related to life and activity records
7. Childcare ICT For childcare facilities that take care of many children, such as personnel management systems for childcare workers, facilities and parents' communication systems, and systems that record children at facilities.
8. Research/research Babytech surveys, pre -commercialization surveys, and research on technology that can be used for childcare, research reports and research paper ,paper.
Review Chair Papas Mile Tetsuya Nagata Jury School Corporation Masataka Kikuchi Gakuen Masataka Kikuchi Co., Ltd. CEO Keio University Graduate School of Policy and Media Graduate School, Special Associate Professor Kurosaka Tatsuya, Asahi Shimbun, Deputy Secretary -General of Asahi Shimbun, Deputy Secretary -General Guest Judging Committee /U> Musician Diamond ✡ Yukai [Venue Information] Metropolitan Industrial Trade Center Hamamatsuchikan (1-7-1 Kaigan, Minato-ku, Tokyo) ) Go out of Takeshiba -dori and go straight toward Takeshiba Pier. ■ About 450m walk from the Toei Subway Oedo Line/Asakusa Line Daimon Station 7 minutes walk from Daimatsu Station on the Hamamatsucho ticket gate to exit B2, go straight from JR Hamamatsucho Station (north exit) to Takeshiba pier. ■ Yurikamome (New Transportation) About 100m walk from Takeshiba Station 2 minutes walk from Takeshiba Station and go straight from the west exit exit to Hamamatsucho Station. Go out of the front entrance of the adjacent World Trade Center Building and go straight from the right (Takeshiba Pier) to the Takeshiba Pier [Interview] Tokyo Metropolitan Industrial Trade Center Hamamatsuchikan 2F Childcare Expo 2021 Press acceptance. Please register the press and interview at the event and exhibition booth. ■ Information on press registration https://willap.jp/file/aagsvhagqo2S4DRFJWAZAIAWTSVRWSZKFDA/Press room information/Press registration form + Corona consent ( *) ・ Notes on interviews * Registered forms are also available at the venue. However, we recommend that you bring what you have filled with in advance because it will be a Corona countermeasure. Please download from the above URL. In charge: BTAJ2021 Secretariat Nagata TEL: 03-6272-5165/FAX: 03-6736-0487 Mail: btaj_staff@papasmile.jp