Numerous smart locks with IC card & PIN certification ... Pay attention to security and convenience

Speaking of the key to housing, many people imagine a physical thing such as inserting a key into the key hole and locking or unlocking, but in the security market in recent years, the so -called "smart lock". Electronic locks that do not use key and key holes are attracting attention. Among them, the trend is a function that can operate and unlock it via an application such as a smartphone or tablet. At the "Rental Housing Fair 2015" held at Tokyo Big Sight, several companies have exhibited such functions. By the way, even if you say "smart lock", the definition is slightly different depending on the manufacturer you provide, and the definition of "open and closing the key with a smartphone" and "the key is opened and closed by a simpler procedure than using a physical key. It can be divided into the definition of what you can do. In recent years, the number of products that are "smart locks" in the former definition is increasing, and products that have been defined in the latter sense have added a function that "lock / unlock on smartphones etc." is added. Is increasing. This time, we will pick up a number of smart locks with IC cards and PIN to which equipment is installed on both the front (outside) of the entrance door and the rear (indoors). If you apply to the definition described earlier, many of them are the latter flow. What is common to this type is a configuration in which a authentication terminal with an IC card or a PIN is installed on the front of the door, and a locking mechanism that locks and unlocks is installed on the rear. In addition to locking and unlocking smartphones and tablets, it is characterized by combining IC cards and reciting authentications to achieve higher security. At the time of installation, installation work is required, such as removing the existing cylinder (key hole, etc.) or hole in the door.