398th: What kind of car is strong on frozen roads? Participating in the "Nissan All Lineup Ice/Snow Test Ride Event" [A few words from the editor]

In February 2017, the "Nissan All Lineup Ice and Snow Test Ride Event" was held at Megami Lake in Kitasaku District, Nagano Prefecture. From 4WD models that are good at snow and ice, to the hot topic of "new form of electric vehicles" and super sports cars. During the test drives on ice skid pads (turning courses), handling courses, and snow-covered public roads, which car proved to be strong on slippery roads?

398th: On the frozen road What kind of car is strong? Participating in the

Driving on a Frozen Lake

Mt. Lake Megami, located on a plateau at an altitude of about 1,500m, is about 4km away from Mt.

This lake, which was originally developed to supply water to the farmlands that spread downstream, is a resort area where you can enjoy various boats, canoes and kayaks from spring to autumn. On the other hand, in winter, the entire surface freezes due to the severe cold. The thickness of the ice will be more than 40 cm, and it will be strong enough for a car to ride on.

This year's Nissan All-Lineup ice and snow test drive event was held on the frozen lake and on the general roads around the snow-covered area.

In an extremely slippery environment, what kind of driving characteristics are cars with various power units and drive layouts, including Nissan's unique "electric vehicles" such as "Leaf" and "Note e-POWER"? Let's actually ride and see if it will show off .... It seems good to understand that the event is based on such a purpose.

Four units prepared for running on handling courses on ice. From the front of the photo "GT-R Premium Edition" "Note e-POWER X" "Juke NISMO RS" "Fairlady Z Version ST".
Three units prepared for skid pad driving. From the front, "Skyline 200GT-t Type P", "X-Trail 20Xt" and "Leaf 30G".
Overlooking the Japanese Alps from Lake Megami . Blessed with fine weather, the test ride event was held in a perfect environment.