News Firefighters conduct rescue training at a commercial facility; Assumed to be suspended in the air; call for fire prevention; Wakayama City

 Before the "year-end fire special warning" period starting December 15th, the Wakayama City Fire Department conducted inspections and confirmations of firefighting equipment and rescue drills at commercial facilities in the city. The "Year-end Fire Special Warning" will be held from December 15th to 31st to raise awareness of fire prevention during the season when the air is dry and fires are likely to occur. If a fire breaks out at a large store where people gather at the end of the year, it is expected to cause major damage. On the 13th, a special patrol and training was held at "AEON MALL Wakayama", and seven people including Wakayama City Kita Fire Department Chief Kiyoyuki Nakashiba confirmed the safety of the store by confirming the evacuation route and inspecting the fire extinguishing equipment. In addition, outdoor training was conducted on the assumption that the worker was suspended in the air while working in a high place. Thirty firefighters and others participated in a practical rescue training in which the worker skillfully used ropes to rescue the victim. A water discharge drill was held as a fire broke out. According to the Wakayama City Fire Department, the death toll from fires this year was 12, an increase of 8 compared to last year.

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News firefighters conduct rescue training at commercial facility Assumed to be suspended in the air Calling for fire prevention Wakayama City